We can create retaining walls from different natural stones such as iron stone, granite etc.  But our main material of use is Sydney Sandstone. 

Retaining wall options include random ballast, square ballast, bushrock, assorted sizes of sawn sandstone with rockface profiles can make beautiful additions to your home or property.  We also do sandstone cladding. 

These retaining walls can be built structurally sound with a dry-stack look or with mortar grouting joints depending on the appeal or surrounds.
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Dry-stack look with sawn capping. Natural dry-stack. Natural dry-stack look highlighting the batter/angle of the wall which increases it's strength.
Random/crazy sandstone pattern with mortar/grouting joints. Iron stone dry-stack retaining wall. Two tiered retaining walls with mortar/grouting joints on a curved driveway.
Square sandstone ballast retaining wall with natural capping.

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